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Welcome to Total Business Care

More About Us

Total Business Care Concept was created in2010 to help corporate business and educational sectors to adhere to new environmental legislation and rules. Our Concept provides IT recycling and asset disposal services coupled with secure data and equipment destruction services for all our customers. We believe in the 3’Rs, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse and wherever possible we promote the reuse of recycling equipment in accordance with the waste hierarchy regulations.

Corporate Services

Guaranteed that all of your universal waste management is performed safely and responsibly.

Destroyed all Data

Our services ensure all data is destroyed, adheres to industry standards, and includes a full audit trail with itemized reporting

E-waste Events

We work with non-profits, businesses, and other organizations to host community e-waste events.

Our Mission

About us

Our mission is to keep as much electronic waste from ending up in local landfills as we can

Reducing what you waste is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. From thinking differently about what you buy to using re-usable items and composting at home - there are lots of ways to make a real difference. Making small changes we make in our everyday lives can make a powerful difference to the health of all living things and the province and planet we call home.
Reuse is important because, at the same time that it confronts the challenges of waste reduction, reuse also sustains a comfortable quality of life and supports a productive economy. Unique to reuse is that it also brings resources to individuals and organizations that might otherwise be unable to acquire them.
Total peace of mind with our complete recycling solution for the retirement of your redundant and outdated IT equipment


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